Ice Cold Blues

no one cares to understand
seems they’d rather reprimand
go on assuming that’s just the way i am

through the recesses of my mind
seems my thoughts left me behind
out my brain they never seem to seep
nervous and twisted and just can’t sleep

try to roam around at night
maybe make it seem all right
still even when held tight
truth i just can’t fight
my sun yearns to shine bright

looked for a teacher
but just can’t seem to reach her
no matter how i tried
the feeling i can’t confide

what’s a girl to do
seems i’m stuck like glue
to these ice cold blues

day after day
walked around this way
until one day i find
i can leave it all behind

find a brand new way
start it yesterday
disregard the past
it was never meant to last

drop worry of tomorrow
cause it only leads to sorrow
recognize what kids know best
it’s about recess not the test

so i vow to play only in today
and no matter what to stay this way
got no need for ice cold blues i’ll say
don’t matter come what may


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