Clean Slate

What’s so bad about happy and free
Seems it’s just the way it’s meant to be
Think the naked truth if we tried to see
Would show we’re here to coexist naturally

But our life begins with a boom
Sometimes our feelings just consume
So we wind up in our cocoons
To be real happy some time soon

Spend time believing it’s just us and them
In pursuit of these goals we were bottle-fed
Suffering silently from allergy to monotony
Believing in treatment, not alchemy

So what‘s just one person supposed to do
Could it hurt to start with there’s no me and no you
Seems to be we’ll truly be happy and truly be free
You being totally you and me being totally me
When I look at you and you look back at me
What you see is you while I stare back at me

What if we put our appearance down to rest
Spend time putting usefulness to the test
Realize the point of no return is none of our concern
There’s always still time to ponder, provoke and discern
Set the record straight, prove there’s no such thing as too late
As long as we all still rotate, always time for another clean slate


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