Roaming on the brain. So lots of people I know have started “unplugging” from their lives in the past few years and hitting the road.

This past Saturday my friend Jared left his gig as a Vice-President for Heritage Auctions, (he’s also an awesome artist – http://www.unholyart.com) in favor of a two month sabbatical to India & Thailand. You can check out his blog here: http://theunload.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, another friend Eric, embarked on a two month Westward headed camping excursion with his Jeep Wrangler and Pitbull Hunter for company. You can follow him on Twitter @EricMikolai (Is that how you explain how to follow people on Twitter? Still not entirely sure on that whole thing…)

Leanne and I were talking on the phone the other day, and also have apparently decided to check out the Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival in August. http://www.wanderlustfestival.com/

Guess it all just got me thinking about the intense desire I’ve had for a very long time now to go explore this vast, crazy and awesome world that we’re lucky enough to get to live in. I realized at some point last year that I haven’t had more than about 2 1/2 consecutive weeks off from school or work since winter break during undergrad in 1999. I believe we all have the power to go out and “just do it”, just takes some of us longer than others. =)

So I was replying to an email to Dwayne right after my discussion with Leanne, while contemplating all this wanderlust, and here’s what came out:

clock ticks, another date
hurry up, now wait
master of destiny, no fate
stay put, consistency’s great

another day, no time to play
seems i might fade away
high on energy of possibility
true desires kept at sea

wanderlust’s for slackers
wisdom says
stay in your cell, comply
else better off dead

power in paper, not purpose
hurry up, get what you can
no need to take a stand
never gonna be in a band

alone with thoughts so bright
wanderlust hold tight
freedom, not fight
melody of soul take flight


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