The Season of Gifting

Giving feels great, and the season is definitely upon us. Black Friday is a surefire sign that Big Business has decided that it’s time to shop, but perhaps you don’t have to blow your wad this year to feel good and get your point across.

Tiffany and her posse say that their overpriced diamonds give your heart a voice. Kay says that every kiss begins with Kay. De Beers says that only two things are forever – love and diamonds.

The expensive shiny rocks are pretty. No doubt. But any Yahoo with a few bucks (or who is deemed to be able to get a few bucks in the somewhat foreseeable future) can buy one. Does the fact that someone is willing to shell out a bunch of dough, or take out a loan, make him or her a loving significant human in your life? In my experience: Nope.

A diamond may last forever, but the good juju you get from giving or receiving one sure doesn’t. If your relationship has issues, it still will – whether you spend more than you can afford on gifts or not. If your relationship is solid, it still will be – and your loved one won’t want you to spend money you don’t have on expensive gifts anyways.

So for clarification, am I saying there’s anything wrong with people with lots of money spending it on diamonds? A resounding no. As far as gifts go, they hold their value a lot better than lots of other things. Like Mercedes, for example.

But realistically, most of us can’t afford expensive presents this year. Not in the Dave Ramsey sense of the word “afford”, anyways. And that’s OK. There are lots of other ways to show you care. Like saying so. Or spending time with your special someone. Or making them something. Or buying them something small but personally significant.


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