It All Comes Down to You

We all get into places where we feel like our feet (or maybe head) are stuck in the ground. We look around, maybe even ask for help, but there’s none to be found. Friends can come visit, providing nourishment or encouragement, but they never seem to be able to pull us out on their own. And so we wallow. Assume it’s our lot in life. And learn to “have fun” by engaging in all sorts of reckless and stupid activities. Like getting blackout wasted.

It’s easy to feel stuck in our lives in North American society, when we’re preached to from birth that the only acceptable life outcome is home ownership, career ownership,  spouse ownership and offspring ownership. But something in our souls longs to be free. Not of jobs, homes, wives and kids, per se – but we yearn for the ability to choose – again and again.

Makes sense when you think about how we’re always changing. They say on a cellular level that we’re a whole new person every seven years. Literally every molecule in our body. New. Yet we also remain who we are. The observer. The witness. The listener. Whatever you wanna call it. And that person doesn’t give a shit about your BMW so much as it does seeking a return to authentic joy.

As energetic beings, we all have a vibration. We’re water. In motion. All the time. Held together mainly by the exterior we call skin. So doesn’t it make sense, then, that we don’t like feeling stuck?

Like Morgan said in Shawshank, you can get busy living or get busy dying. And like “they” say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Reason why? The teacher was always there. It’s just that you weren’t. It all comes down to you, gypsy. Have no fear – only love.


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