I spent nearly a decade advising clients of their rights in court. Now I’m taking that expertise and applying it to my yoga clients. I’ve stripped out the woo-woo to leave you with nothing but practical advice and strategies that are sure to catapult you to the next level.

A private lesson with Shana directed me to the very essence of yoga: union, uniting all of me and all of yoga. Her holistic approach sent me on a treasure hunt for pearls of great price that already exist, but which lie hidden in the crevices I’ve created between my body, mind, and spirit. Asana and meditation are only two pathways to reunification, a union far more satisfying than merely the physical experience. And you don’t have to be perfect, just available. Shana helps me move into that wider world, expanding from within. I look to my next session with great anticipation. — Kate N

Purchase private coaching sessions HERE!
Single 60 minute session for $75            
5  pack of 60 minute sessions for $350 
10 pack of 60 minute sessions for $675

*NOT SO FINE PRINT! Sessions valid for 6 months from purchase. 24 hour cancellation policy. Please and thank you. – Shana



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