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Not Afraid

As I was waiting to teach my vinyasa class this morning, a woman who was interested in learning about yoga started chatting me up.

She said her good friend (one of my regular students) has been trying to get her to take my class for years. But I can’t, she says, ’cause I can’t twist like my friend.

I tried explaining that what her friend does has no bearing on her ability to actively participate in my class, ensuring her that the class was specifically designed to be accessible to most anyone, and certainly to a clearly able bodied woman, such as herself.

Just then, another of my regulars walked by, and I asked her to back me up. Yes, she said. Shana’s class is totally doable. As my student walked away, the lady replied “Yeah, well, I’ve seen her at the gym before, and she’s amazing. I’m not.”

It’s so commonly our negative self-talk that mucks it all up. Keeping us stuck in stagnation. Preventing us from realizing our most whole and rewarding life experience.

But guess what. You’ll never achieve any of the things you won’t try. And the only person worth comparing yourself to is you.

So go ahead. Put one foot in front of the other. Dare to do and become all of the things you were meant to be.

The only thing you’ve got to lose is self-doubt and regret.

Don’t fret. You’ve got this.

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