I Just Don’t Need You Anymore

object of pride, abide side by side
sure it’s true affection just can’t hide
not masquerading storm clouds hid inside

siphon your pleasure, conceal my pain
stick close by, resonate what’s your gain
storm could break if we can just remain
illusion of sublimity don’t have to wane

unless the truth as some foresee
that if i only love me when you agree
my life i’ll spend married to misery

some day i’ll branch out like a tree
conditioned existence ain’t meant for me
blow up resistance, dive through my history
illuminate what clouds my mystery
eternal subsistence plain as day to see

one day i’ll awaken and i’ll find
even though you’re perfect and mighty fine
i just don’t need you anymore

might put you down, never cultivate
might stay by you, not hesitate
either way don’t change that you’re truly great
can’t you see it’s merely human fate
to just not need you anymore


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